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For nearly three decades, we've stood as your unwavering ally in industrial fabrication and maintenance services since 1995 

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     Fabrication Services

 Custom industrial fabrication and installation services, including conveyors, chutes, grating platforms, walkways, handrails, manway ladders, stainless steel floors, etc.
• Stainless steel and general sheet metal fabrication.
• Custom fabrication services tailored to your specific requirements.

     Process Piping Services:

 • Fabrication and installation of stainless-steel process pipelines  and valves for the food and beverage industry.
• Custom skid-mounted solutions for C.I.P., heating, pasteurizing, pilot plants, and aseptic applications.
• Dairy process stainless steel piping installations, flow panels, plate heat exchanger installation and service, valve and valve cluster fabrication and installation, and turnkey project management services.

    Steam Services:

 • Steam and condensate pipe fabrication, installation, and maintenance.
• Statutory and in-service inspection services.
• Pressure testing and service of pressure vessels, including boilers and air receivers.
• Valve and steam trap surveys, repairs, refurbishment, and installation.
• Steam header fabrication, repair, and maintenance services.

    Boiler Services:

 • Repair, maintenance, and refurbishment services for steam boilers.
• Statutory inspections and in-service inspections.
• Coal stoker repairs.
• Boiler tube cleaning and sandblasting.
• Pressure testing of boilers, air receivers and other pressure vessels

    Welding Services:

• Coded welding with inspection, N.D.T. testing, and X-ray verification.
• Certified welding on pressure vessels using stainless steel and carbon steel.
• T.I.G., M.I.G., and Arc welding services for steam, water, and air piping.


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